Tumunu restaurant

Kia Orana (welcome) to Tumunu Garden Bar and Restaurant.

TUMUNU means Coconut Tree or as in this case, a social gathering place for food and drink.

Traditionally, the base of the coconut tree is hollowed out in the fashion of a punch bowl and is used to make homebrew. In the early days visitors were welcomed to take part in the sampling of the homebrew. This is now a bygone past.

Eic and JulieThe Tumunu Restaurant was also the first public liquor license to be issued and was a HOT SPOT in Rarotonga for many years. The pace became too fast for us now, so others have taken over that role. The Tumunu is now a more sedate and relaxed restaurant with island style surrounds, including local artifacts and garden courtyard. There is something for everyone in the Tumunu and it has many curiosities. There’s lots of history and stories to be told here.

The Tumunu is located on the west side of the island and is only approx 100 metres from the Edgewater Resort.

We do have a variety of casual style hearty meals including, lemon braised fish, chicken schnitzel, children’s meals, tender steaks, vegetarian platter and a selection of seafood dishes etc. We are best known amongst local and visitors for our Seafood Platters, great value and great selection.

If you are a fan of darts or perhaps just want to give it a go, then join in on Tuesday nights. It is fun and you get to partner up with some of the regulars.

Call in on Friday night for a warm up drink to get you going for a good Friday Night out on the town. Or do the sensible thing and take a night life tour – no drink driving worries. Either way you still get to stop in at the Tumunu Garden Restaurant.

Now the oldest restaurant on the island – heading to 33years!!!! – the Tumunu Garden restaurant still has the same name and the same owners AND offers a truly casual and friendly dining experience for all.

Eric may still seem a little "touched" from those old wild days, BUT DON’T WORRY!!! There is always someone in the wings to take control. We have very friendly and fun staff.

Remember, you’re on holiday!! Relax and enjoy yourselves! Enjoy our Tumunu Restaurant and let our island "touch" you.

Kia manuia (happy life, good health, bye for now),

Eric and Julie